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Sioux Falls' First Luxury Picnic Experience

At QBIC Luxury Picnics, we want to awaken your five senses and bring you to the present moment by offering the ultimate trio of services:


Luxury Picnics  |  Dinner Party Experiences  |  Rentals 


Being Sioux Falls' first-ever luxury picnic experience, we can't wait to bring JOY into the lives of our clients for any special occasion or the "casual" date night." 

Cozy Vibes.
Upscale Experience.
Delectable Bites.


Suppose you desire a space to reconnect with your significant other or gather a group of friends together. In that case, a Luxury Picnic artfully curated by a husband and wife duo may be precisely what your heart is longing for.  

We do all the heavy lifting from table preparation to clean up after your unique experience. You simply get to show up and enjoy!

When was the last time you tried something for the first time?


Dinner Party Experiences

It's pure magic when you immerse yourself fully within a moment and take in your surroundings — the warmth of candles, the smell of a divine meal, and the soothing sound of smooth jazz in the background. You are living in the good old days.

Upon the heartwarming success of our luxury picnics, we wanted to branch out and offer our design services right to your table.

These efforts are custom-made, as we will design based on the theme that brings you the most joy! 



Since the beginning of QBIC Luxury Picnics, we've accumulated quite a collection and want to share our finds with you!


For your next intimate gathering, browse our lookbook of vintage-inspired tableware such as plates, glassware, serving bowls, and more!

Furthermore, we have an extensive range of decorative pieces available (along with our low-level picnic tables)  for those who fancy an elevated ambiance.

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events at the moment

high school sweethearts creating memories one picnic at a time


Our Clients Say

"We had the best time on our intimate picnic. The cutest and inviting set up. The food was so yummy and the set up blew us out of the water! We will definitely be doing it again. Thanks so much for the best date night!"

Indy S.

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