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Let us set The table

The art and nostalgia of gathering around a table bring us a sense of togetherness and connection like no other. We share stories, savor a delicious meal, and deepen our relationships for the stronger bonds we desire. It's PURE MAGIC. 


Upon seeing the JOY brought to our clients with luxury picnics, we've decided to branch out and offer our design services right to your next intimate event's table! All creativity and efforts are custom-made for you to make your dining experience one-of-a-kind. 

The Art of gathERING

Our collaboration with a local chef (Chef Ellen) can bring you a night of fun with an Italian-Inspired Cooking Class and Luxury Dining Experience! Most people can’t say they have ever rolled and cut their pasta noodles before! 

Image by Guillaume de Germain

Do you have an upcoming gathering?

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